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Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. 

I am a cross-disciplinary artist working in theatre/performance, photography and film.  

On July 15th 2020 I started a youtube channel as a one-year project.

"Laura's Digital Gallery" is a platform where I share my work, as well as short informative videos, which offer insight on methodology and research in order to provide context for the work. Click icon for link:


In addition, I  am currently developing two film projects as well as doing research for a larger project, which I suspect will manifest into several works. This project includes research on identity, biological and cultural legacy, transcendence of trauma, race and hysteria.


BA Drama (First Class) Queen Mary University of London.

Artist Statement: 

In my work, I am interested in the relationship between live art, theatre and recorded performance; Spoken text, choreographed movement and the body in space.


I often employ tasks, systems and formal structures to create logic within a piece.

I am interested in how social and artistic conventions generate expectations around what is (re)presented and how. 

I am curious about identity and transformation, how people are simultaneously individual beings and universally interconnected.

I enjoy making work that is concise, but layered; simple, but evolving. 

I am to make work that is visually striking using text and sound in order to create an aesthetic.

I am excited by semantics and juxtapositions: the potential for multiple meanings and continuous shifts.

I love the overly serious, the dramatic and the deadpan and I use these strategies to create humorous elements in my work.

I am inspired by art works and artists; concepts and stillness.

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