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Hun gør, hun tænker.jpg

Still from short film "Hun gør, hun tænker" 


Laura Kristine Graham Anderson 

DIY Performance maker and visual artist


I am currently developing several projects - more information coming soon.

In general, my practice is grounded in a fascination with artistic forms and their conventions, which I play with and subvert in various ways. My love of form is combined with an interest in the psychological/spiritual/existential aspects of the human experience. In this way, I often rely on semiotics and juxtapositions as it allows me to convey the ambivalent, humorous and sometimes absurd qualities of life/form.

More specifically, I am curious about the relationship between theatre, live art and film/photography. I often organise text, body and space in ambiguous expressions that are simultaneously theatrical and understated. In this way, I wish to create works that function as both statement and question. By allowing my work to be led by a sense of strangeness, I wish to invite the viewer to have a second look; to engage their imagination as they muse at the work in front of them.


You can read my artist statement here





 Beat suspense foto.jpg

Selected Projects.



I make art that invites the viewer to look twice.

A piece of art can be a wonderful and exciting addition to your home that will spark conversations for years to come! My art can be described as beautiful and absurd - always presented in a visually elegant composition that invites the viewer to look twice.


 The works are original, framed prints.



If you wish to purchase a piece, or have any queries, click here

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