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Photo: Kat Kwok. OddView-series.


Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. 

I am a Danish interdisciplinary artist.

 My work spans performance, oriental dance, photography and film.

I am currently developing several projects - more information coming soon.

In general, my practice is grounded in a form-based exploration of the relationship between theatre, live art and mediated elements, as well as in a desire to explore aspects of the human psyche and to convey inner states. 

I often stage, or arrange text, body and space in ambiguous and slightly odd expressions that are simultaneously theatrical and understated.

In this way, I wish to create works that function as both statement and question, which I hope will invite reflection and conversation.  





Artist statement


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I make art that invites the viewer to look twice.

A piece of art can be a wonderful and exciting addition to your home that will spark conversations for years to come! My art can be described as beautiful and absurd - always presented in a visually elegant composition that invites the viewer to look twice.


Some of the works are original prints and others limited editions of 10 prints.

This information will appear in the work title.

All prints are sold framed.



If you wish to purchase a piece, or have any queries, click here

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