Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. 

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in and across theatre/performance, photography and film. I am currently working on a number of different works: a photography book OddView which explores the body as sculpture, a short film called The Game and a new written work - a philosophical sci-fi exploration of identity with the working title The Human Connection


BA Drama (First Class) Queen Mary University of London.

Artist Statement: 

In my work, I am interested in the relationship between live art, theatre and recorded performance; Spoken text, choreographed movement and the body in space.


I often employ tasks, systems and formal structures to create logic within a piece.

I am interested in how social and artistic conventions generate expectations around what is (re)presented and how. 

I enjoy making work that is concise, but layered; simple, but evolving. 

I am to make work that is visually striking using text and sound in order to create an aesthetic. 

I am excited by semantics and juxtapositions: the potential for multiple meanings and continuous shifts.

I am passionate about politics and power relationships, meta-theatre and alienation.

I love the overly serious, the dramatic and the deadpan and I use these strategies to create humorous elements in my work.

I am inspired by art works and artists; concepts and stillness.




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