Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. 

I am an artist working in theatre/performance, photography and film.  


As an artist, my aim is to create audience experiences that are sensuously powerful, aesthetic and stir the audiences' imagination. I do this through works that are curious, theatrical and uncompromising.


In February 2022 I am performing Hamlet: a composition in Copenhagen.

I'm also currently working on a book called Searching for light: fragments of a human experience, and during the fall of ´21 I'll release The Imaginative Mind Podcast which explores art and creative processes.

In 2020 I published the photography book OddView - a performative exploration of sculptureThe book can be purchased through me via email, or you can order it through any DK book shop. Furthermore, you can purchase images from the book as top-quality posters through art site Vsual.



I have a BA in Drama (First Class) from Queen Mary University of London. In addition to my own practice, I also offer courses, workshops and talks (scroll down for info).


For any enquiries or book orders:


 Beat suspense foto.jpg

Workshops  & Talks.

As a teacher I believe creativity and arts practice benefits the community as well as the individual. My aim for the courses and workshops is to offer a safe space where attendees can explore their creativity, as well as different parts of themselves, in a fun environment without any pressure to deliver a finished product.


In my courses and workshops I incorporate elements from theatre, live art, movement/dance and meditation practices. 

Talk: "How to experience art" (60 min.) will be held at:

ROSA in Roskilde, October 12th 2021 7PM.

AOF Næstved, November 29th 7PM.

Weekend workshop Autumn 2021: "Personal development through creative exercises". Courses will be held in Danish unless otherwise stated.

Please note participants register with the school directly. 


18.-19. September + 13.-14. November AOF Næstved

25.-26. September + 23.-24. October* AOF Odense (*will be held in English).

2.-3. + 30.-31. October AOF Holbæk

16.-17. October ROSA, Roskilde 


Please contact me about any questions you may have, or for booking enquiries.