Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. 

I am an artist working in theatre/performance, photography and film.  


As an artist, my aim is to create audience experiences that are sensuously powerful, aesthetic and stir the audiences' imagination. I do this through works that are curious, theatrical and uncompromising.


In 2020 I published the photography book OddView - a performative exploration of sculptureThe book can be purchased through me via email, or you can order it through any DK book shop. Furthermore, you can purchase images from the book as top-quality posters through art site Vsual.


I have a BA in Drama (First Class) from Queen Mary University of London. In addition to my own practice, I also offer workshops.


For any enquiries or book orders:


 Beat suspense foto.jpg


I am currently developing workshop formats for different groups of people, including students and vulnerable individuals. My aim for the workshops is to offer a safe space where attendees can have fun, explore different themes and experience themselves as creative beings through drama and performance work.

More information coming soon