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 Laura Kristine Graham Anderson. Born in Denmark 1990.


In 2016 I graduated with a degree in Drama and since then I have been making work as an independent artist.


In 2022 I established my company Imaginative Mind Production.


In addition to my own arts practice, I have extensive teaching experience in the field of belly dancing, drama and creative writing. 

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Selected works


Selected works

2022 "Ophelias Death Song"

          Solo performance, Næstved Artfestival (DK)

2022  "Hamlet: a compositon"

          Solo performance / open showing, Ubåden (Bådteatret) (DK)

2017   "Nøgen teaterstruktur"

          Solo performance, Uteater (DK)

2016   "A Beckettesque Play"

            Director, The Bread and Roses Theatre (UK)


2023  Movement (70-778)

           Video work, Artfestival Næstved (DK)

2022  "Still Life, Spring ´22"

           Art photography, exhibition at Kulturhuset Boderne

2022  "Hun gør, hun tænker" (She acts, she thinks)

           Short film, shown at Næstved Art Festival.

2021   Exhibition of selected video works  

         Kulturhuset Boderne

2016-'21 During this period I made about 15 art videos. including:

           Moving Ground, Windy Beach, Insect and Digital reflections of reality.

2020   "OddView - a performative exploration of sculpture"

            Photo series published as photobook.

2019   "Det er det, der kan ske"

            Short film, director  


2016  BA Drama (First Class)

        Queen Mary, University of London


During the period 2013-2016 I participated in various theatre and playwriting courses/workshops. Including:

The Lyric's Young Writers Programme 

Soho Theatre writing workshop

The Royal Court 

ALRA summer course 

HighTide Writing School

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